Dialog Direct, a Qualfon company and provider of full-service marketing solutions, fulfillment and logistic services, has opened a new, state-of-the-art fulfillment center in North Las Vegas, NV. The company continues to grow its footprint by opening this fulfillment center on the West Coast, with an additional 25 sites around the globe providing on-demand print, fulfillment and contact center services.

Dialog Direct has continued to see customer demands increase, including the need for a West Coast fulfillment facility. This growth is a testament to the needs of the Marketing Services industry, as businesses tackle the challenges of reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

“This expansion establishes Dialog Direct as a true coast-to-coast warehouse and logistics partner, offering diversified support to some of our most valuable clients,” said Dave Drayton, Chief Sales and Solutions Officer of Qualfon. “We are excited to expand our services to our West Coast clients and look forward to the growth in the North Las Vegas community.” 

The 75,800-square-foot building, located in North Las Vegas, offers unique value for Marketing Services because of the large labor pool and competitive labor costs compared to other U.S. markets. The space is leased from Dermody Properties, a privately-owned real estate development firm that specializes in the acquisition and development of logistics real estate for e-commerce fulfillment and distribution customers.

Operations are already underway, with Dialog Direct employees providing fulfillment services for Great Minds PBC, a leader in high-quality pre-k through 12th grade curriculum. Great Minds has also seen its own rapid growth and expanding footprint as the creator of Eureka Math,the most widely used math curriculum in the country. The partnership allows Great Minds to streamline its distribution process by ensuring each school, student and teacher get the right curriculum at the right time. Great Minds will now be one of the only education publishers with a warehouse operation in close proximity to serve the West Coast. Dialog Direct will be responsible for kitting, packaging and distributing up to five million books on an annual basis.

Like Dialog Direct, Great Minds is a rapidly growing, mission-focused organization. As an innovative and nimble provider in this traditionally staid space of PK-12 education, Great Minds was able to react to the rapidly evolving situation of the COVID-19 crisis. They quickly offered a new, online resource – Knowledge on the Go – free of charge to all teachers, students and their families to support the shift to online/distance learning that the country requires.

“With our new warehouse operated by Dialog Direct, Great Minds will be able to reach most of our West Coast customers in 2-3 days for typical shipments,” said David Blair, Chief Business Operations Officer. “With two warehouses, we can meet our growing demand and be more responsive to customer orders. We’ve also made a substantial reduction in greenhouse gases by reducing the road miles for shipments that would have otherwise originated from our existing warehouse in Virginia.”

“This growth marks a huge milestone for Qualfon, as we continue to grow our business, create more jobs and make each person’s life better,” said Mike Marrow, Chief Executive Officer of Qualfon. “We would like to thank our clients, employees and business partners for making this opportunity possible.”

About Qualfon
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