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Customer care

Providing responsive, accurate and consistent service with a people-first culture that ensures the best agent to support your sales.


What can our Customer Care solutions provide?

We provide inbound and outbound customer service, order taking and help desk/tech support through phone, chat, web, social and text. But we go beyond basic customer service for our clients by preventing negative feedback, customer frustration and product returns by being available to resolve issues whenever your support is needed. Via our own support system or integration with your CRM, we are ready to assist your customers day and night.

Contact Center

  • Multichannel customer care: Phone, web, chat, email, text and social media
  • Appointment setting
  • Help desk and tech support
  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Text message customer service

Customer Experience

  • Engaged customers throughout entire process
  • Customer service agents who are both product and service specialists
  • Order taking and returns processing
  • Answering questions about an order
  • Responding to complaints

What does this mean for your business?

Increased Customer Loyalty

Phone calls. Emails. Texts. Social media. However you connect with customers, we can help make it a positive experience every time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced first-call resolution reduces average handle time and makes it more productive. Deflecting calls from the contact center enhances customer satisfaction scores and lowers cost to our clients.

Effortless Experiences

Our scalable, 24/7 customer service capabilities are structured to support 11 different languages and multiple time zones.

Personalized Strategy

We believe in delivering positive customer experiences that are personal, relevant and convenient. Persona-specific communications help communicate what speaks to the individual, not the masses, resulting in higher response and conversion rates.