executive leadership

Meet our passionate group of leaders who are committed to our mission.

Executive Team

Mike Marrow

Mike Marrow

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Our mission is our passion. As Chief Executive Officer, Mike Marrow has the responsibility to ensure we are living our mission every day. We are a purpose-driven company obsessed with being the best BPO company delivering the best experiences for our clients, their customers, our employees and their families, and the communities where we are based.

Mike’s love of our business is based upon the fact that we get to serve many great companies. Each has a different business strategy.  Each has a different perspective of what it means to provide the best customer experiences. Each has a different plan to drive sales and growth. We get to participate in all of those. As the use of advanced technologies to engage customers continues to increase, BPO and marketing services will evolve – and merge – and require increasingly complex solutions. We are investing in the technologies that will enable us to provide those complex solutions. 

Mike has been with Qualfon for seven years and has a long track record in the industry. He served as the president and CEO of APAC Customer Services, Inc., as well as Managing Director of Call Center Services at Affiliated Computer Services and the COO of CyberRep. Prior to entering the BPO world, Mike held a variety of technology and industrial engineering positions.

Doug Kearney

Doug Kearney

President & Chief Operating Officer

Doug Kearney is passionate about the mission and how it drives employees to be the best, both in production and bettering people’s lives.

Prior to being the Chief Operating Officer of Qualfon, Doug was the President and CEO of Dialog Direct for three years. He also acted as Principal of the Michigan Opportunities Fund within Glencoe Capital, a private equity fund. He is highly skilled at building strategically tailored solutions for clients.

At Qualfon, he enjoys the versatility of his role. Because the business is so fluid, each day brings a new opportunity to learn and to improve.

He sees the business we’re in today being a daily contradiction; as technology advances, there is a pressure to move with it and increase “value-added” to the client experience. In doing so, though, there is the risk of eliminating some of our current services with enhanced processes. But this can be a good thing, as new services and solutions will evolve out of these efforts. The pressures to innovate and advance will intensify in the coming years, but Doug sees this as a challenge Qualfon is well positioned for and willing to take on.

While technology and innovative processes are important to the business, people are still our priority. Doug says his outlook in the future is to do business well, treat people well, create a good environment, and make a difference in all people’s lives, both within our offices and the communities we operate.

Dave Drayton

Dave Drayton

Chief Sales and Solutions Officer

Dave Drayton serves as Qualfon’s Chief Sales and Solutions Officer. He manages one of the most innovative and dynamic sales and strategic account management teams in the BPO Industry today. 

Dave has been with Qualfon for 4 years and started in the BPO business in 1997. He has been directly involved in producing more than $2.6B in revenue with many of today’s largest and most recognized brands. Dave actually started his career selling books door-to-door in college for the Southwestern Company, eventually building a team of 195 student salespeople selling door-to-door during the summers. He then went on to start FOCUS Ministry, Texas’ largest non-profit student ministry that today works with more than 5,000 students from 11 different college campuses. 

Dave is a frequent speaker at numerous business forums, industry events and colleges with one simple message: Serve First – Results Later! 

Dave says, “It has taken me more than 22 years, but I have learned that my greatest honor is found in the service of those around me: my family, my friends, my co-workers and my clients.”

Roberto Sanchez-Mejorada

Roberto Sanchez-Mejorada

Chief Mission Officer (CMO)

As the Chief Mission Officer, Roberto Sanchez-Mejorada is tasked with developing and implementing programs to drive the company’s mission and core values. Roberto takes his leadership position seriously; for him, it’s all about the mission, and the mission is putting people first. That, he says, is the company’s sweet spot.

His career has seen both commitment and variety. For nearly 25 years, Roberto served as VP for Advancement of Anáhuac University in Mexico City and the global network, where he lead many initiatives to improve the quality of programs and facilities on campus. He is a co-founder of UNETE, a non-profit organization created in 1999 that introduces technology in thousands of public schools to improve quality of learning. He has been the Chief Mission Officer of Qualfon since 2013.

Roberto values the depth of diversity that comes with operating in a global business. He also takes pride in having such a wealth of resources as part of the team from people with various talents, backgrounds and perspectives. For him, working in international business driven by a meaningful purpose and core values is like being a student, as he is always learning more about the human experience and the ways to impact communities.

With the company’s growth and technological advances increasing by the day, Roberto sees many changes in Qualfon’s future, but for the good. Some processes will become automated, but human intelligence is irreplaceable. It’s the relationships that make partnership and customer relations thrive, which is why Qualfon is set to head in the right direction.

As the company takes on more innovative techniques in the future, Roberto aims to continually provide fulfilling jobs based on these advances to employees, which will in turn equate to quality services for our clients.

Mike Jossi

Mike Jossi

Chief Person Officer (CPO)

Mike Jossi appreciates that Qualfon’s mission is a compelling and reachable one for all employees and the mission was one of the key reasons why he joined Qualfon in January 2018. 

As the Chief Person Officer, he is passionate about working in Human Development, as HD is propelling the elements of the company that employees get excited about – new career opportunities, getting a promotion, or transferring to another geography to help us achieve our mission.

Mike has been fulfilling Qualfon’s human-centered mentality long before he joined the company. Prior to joining Qualfon he was the Chief People Officer at Ping Identity for two years, and Chief Human Resources Officer at TeleTech Holdings for seven years. He also founded and led Active Education, a venture-backed learning services company for seven years. He and his team were awarded the Deloitte Fast 50 Award for one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado for five consecutive years.

Mike says that while the future will have changes in store, the company must hold fast to the mission of people first. He says that while innovation, automation and technology advance, we have to focus on growing and leveraging our talent to ensure the maximum positive employee and customer experience.


Jim Guillaumin

Jim Guillaumin

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jim Guillaumin has extensive professional experience spanning almost thirty years, making him a valued member of our Executive Team. Jim came to Qualfon via the 2017 acquisition of Dialog Direct where he had spent the previous 5 years as Dialog Direct’s CFO. He is a seasoned, results-oriented senior manager with a proven track record in a long list of leadership roles.

Prior to his position at Dialog Direct, Jim served as CFO for several middle-market corporations in multiple industries, including construction, automotive and banking. Jim’s broad experience and expertise in team management is a testament to his ability to work collaboratively.

Jim is hands-on in as many of the functional areas of the business as possible. In addition to accounting and finance, he gets involved with clients, sales, operations, human resources and information technology. He believes that to responsibly maintain Qualfon’s financial strength, he must help develop the overall business strategy and “connect the dots” between departments. But even a long day at the office doesn’t feel like work to Jim thanks to the company’s genuine commitment to create an environment of mutual respect which fosters an atmosphere that generates passion and drive to do the work well.

As a professional focused on promoting a culture of impeccable customer service, Jim believes the company’s mission has a very cyclical nature. When Qualfon employees are fulfilled and knowledgeable, they provide excellent service to our clients, who then are made happy by their positive experience. Similarly, when the clients (and the clients’ customers) are content, it shows through their interactions with employees.

Prashant Cherukuri

Prashant Cherukuri

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Prashant Cherukuri says that the sense of purpose shared among Qualfon’s leadership team is what makes him excited about his role as Chief Information Officer. Giving back to employees and the communities we serve is what he is passionate about in his personal and professional life, which is what makes him such a great fit for our team.

Prashant excels in designing cost-effective technical solutions with a clear return on investment. He is a hands-on leader capable of effectively bridging the gap between technology and operations. He was the CIO at 24/7, Inc., one of the largest cloud-based self-service networks, for six years before joining Qualfon. Prior to that he served as the Chief Delivery Officer at PSI Data Systems (Aditya Birla Minacs).

There are many changes quickly approaching the BPO industry, and Prashant sees a need to continually advance capabilities in social media support, analytics and artificial intelligence so we can provide the best customer experience.

Performance and employee morale are two critical elements of Qualfon’s company culture. Prashant strongly believes that it’s just not about finding the balance between the two, but excelling at both that drives successful careers for employees.

Leah Lakarosky

Leah Lakarosky

Chief Global Mergers & Acquisitions Officer

As Qualfon’s Chief Global Mergers and Acquisitions Officer, Leah Lakarosky works closely with the executive leadership team to build and grow the organization’s global M&A opportunities for all lines of business.

Leah holds her undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2016 and is a Charted Financial Analyst. Throughout her career, she has worked on a multitude of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring transactions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role.




Marco Villarreal

Marco Villarreal

Chief Investment Officer

Marco Villarreal, Qualfon’s Chief Investment Officer, believes that the more we excel in our day-to-day activities, the better company performance is overall. That then reflects back into making more people’s lives better.

Marco has a broad level of experience in finance, new business and strategic planning, across various businesses and countries. He was formerly an executive for Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry, as well as the New Business and Strategic Planning Director for Gamesa, a PepsiCo subsidiary. He has been with Qualfon for over 12 years.

Every day of work equates to opportunities to make an impact, he says. Each move we make, as individual professionals and as a company, can go towards creating more business resources and work opportunities for others.

There is a constant growth that is accelerating within our industry that propels both opportunities and challenges for the company. Marco acknowledges that consumer habits are ever changing, and that we must adapt and evolve to these behaviors.

Marco sees the company’s longstanding family values as essential in continuing a people-first culture and improving lives to the best of our abilities.

Robert Nachwalter

Robert Nachwalter

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

As our Chief Legal Officer, Robert Nachwalter leads the company’s legal functions. In performing his duties, Robert helps Qualfon keep the commitments to its people. This support results in a focus and drive towards meeting the needs of both employees and clients.

Robert enjoys being able to use his knowledge, skills and training to support the company and its mission. He is able to bring his two decades of legal experience, working with other businesses of various sizes and capacities, to the Qualfon team. He was most recently with Lands’ End as Associate General Counsel, and has served in a variety of in-house corporate counsel roles at public companies, such as General Counsel for APAC Customer Services and Whitehall Jewelers Holdings, and as senior counsel for Ryder System. Robert counsels the company on various business and commercial matters, litigation, labor and employment, real estate, regulatory compliance, finance and corporate governance.                   
As current innovations are increasing the efficiency of business, Robert advises and protects the company as it utilizes those innovations in enhancing clients’ businesses. More work is being accomplished through technology, which allows for more efforts to be focused on quality care. At the same time, the company needs to develop new offerings to be in front of the competition. 

Robert is excited about Qualfon’s future, and he intends to keep a sharp focus on helping the company exceed the competition in the performance of customer services for our clients. Serving and supporting Qualfon’s employees is equally important for the company’s overall success and growth.