Podcast: Mission qualfon

Making each person’s life better one episode at a time
Most companies, including BPOs, have a mission statement that demonstrates its core values, but do its employees know and understand what it stands for? Each month, Qualfon executives and employees across our organization will join hosts Marisol Sanchez and Jeremy Lunnen for a deep dive into how they live the Qualfon mission through mentorship, learning and development, community involvement and communication.

Whether you want to learn more about being a better mentor or manager or are looking for ways to motivate and invest in your employees, this is the podcast for you.

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Episode 1: What Makes a Good Mentor and/or Mentee? Mike Marrow, former CEO of Qualfon

The Importance of Motivating your Team Members with Site Director, Leila Lassetter and Mission Manager, Laron Dixon

Episode 74 | May 31, 2024

In this episode, Jeremy and Aimee are joined by Site Director, Leila Lassetter, and Mission Manager, Laron Dixon, to discuss the crucial role of creating a motivating environment for the members on their team. They stress how essential it is for employees to feel valued at work because the recognition of good work gets repeated. Leila and Laron also share their experiences transitioning to a virtual workspace, while maintaining personal connections with their teams. Their acknowledgement of these individuals ensures that everyone they engage with feels motivated to continue to be the best at what they do.

The Art of Listening: Exploring Deep Connections with Brian Hadley, SVP, Sales and Coaching

Episode 73 | April 19, 2024

Dive deep into the transformative power of listening in this episode of Mission Qualfon, where hosts Jeremy and Aimee are joined by Qualfon’s Brian Hadley, SVP, Sales and Coaching. Known for his roles as a coach, leader and teacher, Brian sheds light on why listening is an essential skill in both professional and personal contexts. He shares his journey of mastering active listening, emphasizing that like any skill, it requires practice and intention. Discover how asking the right questions can unveil stories and insights that go beyond surface-level conversations, leading to deeper understanding and connection. This episode will challenge you to rethink how you listen by remaining curious, embracing silence and fostering an environment where meaningful conversations can flourish.

Unveiling Mission Qualfon, Season 5: A Journey with New Co-host Aimee Sibul

Episode 72 | March 22, 2024

Join us for an exciting start to season 5 of the Mission Qualfon Podcast, where we’re shaking things up with a new co-host, Aimee Sibul! In this episode, Aimee, alongside host Jeremy Lunnen, introduces herself and shares her unique journey to Qualfon, from her background in hospitality/event coordinating to her current role as the Mission Office Director of Philippines. Discover why Qualfon’s culture and mission resonated with Aimee and gain insights into the distinct role of the Mission Office. Plus, get a sneak peek into the new season’s format, featuring experts discussing topics aimed at empowering listeners to apply valuable lessons in their personal and professional lives. 

Leadership Unveiled: The Journey Within Qualfon’s 3M Philosophy with Anand Nagere, POET

Episode 71 | December 26, 2023

In the season four finale of Mission Qualfon, unravel Anand Nagere’s extraordinary leadership journey within Qualfon’s established 3M philosophy – Mentor, Manager, Messenger. From a mechanical engineer in India to a pivotal role as a Process Optimization Engineer (POET) at Qualfon, Anand shares insights into the POETs’ impact on internal processes, strategic accounts, and global business services. Beyond the corporate realm, discover Anand’s leadership triumphs at the Toastmaster club and his contributions to Qualfon’s holistic development. Join Jeremy and Marisol for an inspiring episode that unveils leadership excellence at Qualfon.

Mission-Driven IT: Balancing Technical Skills with a Human Factor with Ian Catolico, SVP, IT and James Wagner, VP, IT

Episode 70 | October 27, 2023

Joining Jeremy and Marisol this week are two members of our IT team, Ian Catolico and James Wagner. Ian and James discuss their experiences, personal journeys and the unique positioning of Qualfon’s IT department. They also touch upon the synergy between the IT team members and how the department effectively blends technical prowess with exceptional customer service.

Inspiring Growth through Personal and Professional Development with Bill McGrath, Site Director

Episode 69 | October 3, 2023

This week, Jeremy and Marisol are joined by Bill McGrath, our Orlando Site Director. Bill shares his journey of starting as a trainer and quality manager to eventually relocating to open our Orlando site and becoming Site Director. He discusses the value of promoting from within and helping employees develop their full potential. He also shares success stories from personnel who benefitted from Qualfon’s mentorship programs to advance their careers. 

The Power of Education Provided by the Rochat School of Business with Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer, and Carlos Guereca, Dean of Rochat School of Business

Episode 68 | September 5, 2023

Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer, and Carlos Guereca, Dean of Rochat School of Business, join the podcast this week to emphasize the importance of education and the opportunities it brings. Jeremy and Marisol talk with Roberto and Carlos about their personal journeys with education and how each person’s experience is different. Roberto explains how Qualfon’s mission guides us and being the best to make each person’s life better can be achieved through education. This is why the Rochat School of Business is offered to our employees and their families. Carlos discusses how he wanted the Rochat School of Business to not only be affordable but high quality, so individuals can pursue their total vocation. He speaks about how education is expansive and transformational, you impact your family, your community and eventually the world.

The Art of Empathy in Sales with Brian Hadley, SVP, Sales & Coaching

Episode 67 | July 31, 2023

On the podcast this week, Jeremy and Marisol are joined by Brain Hadley, SVP, Sales & Coaching. Brian joined Qualfon in March and has spent his time streamlining the sales process to make it more efficient, having a greater result on the company’s growth. Brian has worked his entire career in sales and was drawn to Qualfon because of the Mission, something he hasn’t seen at other corporation – aligning his personal philosophy which fits perfectly within the Mission. 

Cultivating Personal Growth through Six Sigma with Scott Orchard, Partner of Learning & Development

Episode 66 | July 14, 2023

On the podcast this week, Jeremy and Marisol talk to Scott Orchard, Partner of Learning & Development and Six Sigma Instructor, about his gift for breaking down tough subjects to their simplest form. Scott, a Six Sigma black belt, knows he is doing exactly what he was meant to do as he trains Qualfon employees to minimize variation and further continuous improvement in our business processes. Scott knew right away that Qualfon’s commitment to the Mission was genuine and he finds joy and value in the practice of making each person’s life better.  

Aligning Personal Values with the Qualfon Mission with Becky Brashaw, Contract-Manager

Episode 65 | June 30, 2023

In this episode, Becky Brashaw speaks with Jeremy and Marisol about the journey from temporary Call Center Agent to Contract Manager. While some might see the call center as a jumping-off point, Becky saw it as a place where she would build a career and make a difference. In her current position as a Contract Manager, Becky is described as a traffic controller; navigating contracts between multiple sources to achieve an outcome everyone is happy with. Becky speaks at length about how proud she is to work for a company whose Mission parallels her values. As a recent graduate of the Rochat School of Business, she has seen the Mission in action and believes it truly fulfills the needs of many.

The Gatekeeper of Valuable Information with Dawn Corsiglia, Country Financial Officer

Episode 64 | June 12, 2023

Dawn Corsiglia, U.S. Chief Financial Officer, joins the podcast today as we continue our focus on strong female leadership at Qualfon. Jeremy and Marisol talk with Dawn about the valuable skills and expertise she brings to a position that accounts for every dollar that comes into the company. She talks about the Mission, its importance to the company, and how it goes much deeper than initially thought. Dawn also touches on how she loves to teach, mentor and provide growth opportunities for her team.

From Working the Phones to Handling Compliance with Dani Williams, Compliance Manager

Episode 63 | May 26, 2023

Join Jeremy and Marisol on this episode of Mission Qualfon as they continue to uncover the stories that make Qualfon a remarkable organization and explore the mission-driven experiences of its employees. This week they have Dani Williams, Manager of Compliance at Qualfon. With thirty-eight years working for the company, Dani shares her initial skepticism about the call center industry’s perception and how Qualfon’s mission resonated with her. She defends the significance of the work done by agents and emphasizes the opportunities and skills developed in customer service roles.

Having More Than One Total Vocation with Heidi Priest, Operations Supervisor

Episode 62 | May 1, 2023

Join us in this podcast episode as we have a conversation with Heidi Priest, an experienced leader in the customer service industry. During the interview, she talks with Marisol Sanchez and Jeremy Lunnen about her approach to leadership and mentoring. Through her own experiences, Heidi shares valuable insights on how to develop your career, cultivate a cohesive team, and utilize life experiences to enrich your professional and personal life. Tune in to learn from her expertise and wisdom. 

On Leadership, Professional Growth, and Spreading the Mission with Emahn Sanchez, Site Director

Episode 61 | April 14, 2023

This week, we have a special guest on our show, Emahn Sanchez, who currently serves as one of our Site Directors in the Philippines. Emahn’s journey from being an agent to a Site Director is an inspiring story of perseverance and hard work. During his interview with Jeremy and Marisol, Emahn discusses his experience of learning English while working his way up the career ladder. He also shares insights into his leadership style and how he believes that effective leadership can have a profound impact on people’s lives. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Emahn remained committed to his role as a leader and went above and beyond to ensure that his team continued to excel. He firmly believes that leading by example is the key to inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves.

The Storytelling of our Mission and its Impact with Tracy Miller, SVP, Strategic Account Management

Episode 60 | March 31, 2023

Mission Qualfon podcast returns for its fourth season! Host Jeremy and Marisol are joined by Tracy Miller, our Senior Vice President of Strategic Account Management. Tracy shares how he became absorbed by podcast episodes as he prepared to join the Qualfon team. He actively champions the objectives of Qualfon’s Plan 2040 Cuatro Ciénegas, calling our investment in the community a perfect embodiment of our Mission. 

The Mission at the Forefront of Qualfon Operations with Alfonso Gonzalez, Jr

Episode 59 | December 9, 2022

This week, we have a special guest for our Season 3 finale. Taking a break from Qualfon while finishing his MBA, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., son of our Chairman and Founder Alfonso Sr., catches up with Jeremy and Marisol for this Mission Qualfon episode. He shares how he worked in almost every department within Qualfon as an intern, including a time as an agent, which he described as an “eye-opening experience.” Alfonso reiterates the point of the Mission is not to live comfortably but to help as many people as one can.

A Proactive Approach to Leadership with Jordane Sandoval, Vice President, Operations

Episode 58 | November 11, 2022

Our new Vice President of Operations for Bogota and Mexico, Jordane Sandoval, talks to Jeremy and Marisol on this week’s episode of the Mission Qualfon podcast. Although new to Qualfon and the Mission, Jordane is eager to learn more. She maintains our Four Agreements – Keep Commitments, Move Fast, Add Value, and Spend Wisely – are the models she uses to run operations. Jordane expects to deliver above and beyond day-to-day client expectations.

Championing Work-Life Balance with the Qualfon Mission with Mike Lee, Managing Director

Episode 57 | October 7, 2022

How do you put the Mission at the forefront of decision-making? Our Managing Director, Mike Lee, joins Jeremy and Marisol on this episode for an engaging discussion about our Mission and its impact on Qualfon operations. Mike emphasizes how our “make each person’s life better” mission does not stop at our agent’s but extends to our customers’ well-being. He advocates a healthy work-life balance and recommends getting a mentor to serve as a guide in career advancement.

Being a Supervisor and a Role Model with Edward London, Operations Supervisor

Episode 56 | September 23, 2022

Joining Jeremy and Marisol on this Mission Qualfon Podcast episode is Edward London, one of our Operations Supervisors in Guyana. Edward attributes his growth and development as a supervisor to Qualfon’s Leadership Academy. He shares how much he enjoys networking with people from the various countries where Qualfon operates. A mental health advocate, Edward advises supervisors to always be on top of their teams’ concerns, a premise of our Care@Work initiative.

Living Your Total Vocation with hosts Jeremy and Marisol

Episode 55 | September 9, 2022

Jeremy and Marisol have a one-on-one conversation to look back and review the highlights of Season 3 thus far. They talk about their respective stories, insights, and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the podcast since its initial run. The pair again ponder upon living one’s total vocation, as the Mission advocates.

How Qualfon Makes the Mission an Integral Part of its Business Model with Marco Villarreal, Chief Investment Officer

Episode 54 | August 26, 2022

This week our Chief Investment Officer, Marco Villarreal, joins Jeremy and Marisol. Marco, a civil engineer by training, shares his story, including his advancement in higher education and his background in strategic planning and analysis. He discusses how Qualfon’s structure was built with the mission in mind, ready to serve through multiple forms and channels. Marco also shares his positive outlook for what the organization can achieve through the mission.

Operational Excellence and a Testimonial of the Mission in Action with Jason Lancaster, Managing Director, CES Shared Services

Episode 53 | August 12, 2022

Jeremy and Marisol are joined by our Managing Director of CES Shared Services, Jason Lancaster, for this week’s episode. Jason shares how he started as an agent, advanced his career, and his current responsibilities with Qualfon. He points out and emphasizes how Qualfon executes the concept of the mission better than any organization he’s been affiliated with. He shares a touching story about the mission, helping one of his team members, dramatically impacting and improving their life.

The Impact of the Qualfon Mission in Making Informed Decisions with Prashant Cherukuri

Episode 52 | July 29, 2022

On this episode, Prashant Cherukuri, our Chief Information Officer, joins Jeremy and Marisol to discuss his technology path. Prashant describes his technology journey from the time he wore multiple hats for a startup to now as Qualfon CIO. He advises new employees to be serious about their jobs, focus on where they want to be, and be open to taking on additional responsibilities. He also points out are no shortcuts to success in life.

The Value of Mentorship with Sekou Meusa, Director, Learning and Development

Episode 51 | July 15, 2022

Joining Jeremy and Marisol for this episode of the Mission Qualfon podcast is Sekou Meusa, our Director of Learning and Development. Based in Guyana, Sekou recounts his Qualfon beginnings as an agent before transitioning to various roles to eventually becoming a Director. He credits his numerous mentors within the organization who helped to mold him into the Mission Leader he is today.

Serve First, Results Later – A Partnership Centric Sales Approach: Part 2 with Dave Drayton

Episode 50 | July 1, 2022

For the 50th episode of the podcast, Jeremy and Marisol are joined for the second time by Chief Sales & Solutions Officer, Dave Drayton. Dave dives deeper into how to build long-lasting relationships as an active part of our mission, always keeping service in mind. He further discusses the values of leadership, mentorship, and honor in providing outstanding service to people around him. Using real-life examples from his sales team, he shares the importance of belief – belief in people and helping them believe in themselves.

Serve First, Results Later – A Partnership Centric Sales Approach: Part 1 with Alisha McNary and Ike Ahmed

Episode 49 | June 17, 2022

Jeremy and Marisol are joined this week by two members of our Strategic Account Management team, Ike Ahmed and Alisha McNary. Both Alisha and Ike accentuate the mission’s role by providing top-notch service to our clients. Alisha shares how Qualfon prioritizes service and its mission, showing our commitment to serve is authentic. Meanwhile, Ike discusses his recent visit to Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico, and shares how the mission impacts communities on a large-scale, including project Plan 2040.

Being Inspired by the Mission in our Day-to-Day Operations with Tom Denomme and Sandra Stephens

Episode 48 | June 3, 2022

On this episode, Tom Denomme, Managing Director of Assured Choice Insurance Group, and Sandra Stephens, VP of Operations, join Jeremy and Marisol. Tom shares the origins of Assured Choice and how it leverages Qualfon’s vast experience in the insurance business. Sandra looks back at her beginnings in the industry that led to Kramer Direct and the eventual Qualfon acquisition. Both highlight how the Qualfon Mission fits well in their management styles and how it helps them mold their people into being the best version of themselves.

Realizing Your Fullest Potential with Sarah Carpenter, Site Director

Episode 47 | May 20, 2022

Joining Jeremy and Marisol for this episode of the Mission Qualfon podcast is Sarah Carpenter, our Holland, MI Site Director. Sarah describes how her contact center experience began as an agent and unfolded as she worked her way up from Team Leader to Operations Manager to Training, Quality, and Knowledge Management before joining Qualfon. Sarah also shares how being a preacher’s child shaped her and explains how it impacts the way she serves others as a Site Director and Mission Leader at Qualfon.

Where Finance Meets the Mission with Jim Guillaumin, Chief Financial Officer

Episode 46 | May 6, 2022

Jeremy and Marisol are joined by our Chief Financial Officer, Jim Guillaumin for this week’s episode. Jim describes how his professional journey led to him becoming Qualfon’s CFO. He takes the time to discuss the importance of having good mentors and expresses how it motivated him to pursue work and education at the same time. Jim goes on to explain the intricacies of his position and how they all tie back to the mission. He also shares the moment he was won over by the mission during his first annual summit at Qualfon.

Leadership and the Power of Change with Marvie Wright, VP of Learning & Development

Episode 45 | April 22, 2022

Jeremy is back this week as co-host with Marisol, and they are joined by our VP of Learning & Development, Marvie Wright. Marvie discusses the journey she took prior to finding her niche in sales and training. She emphasizes the value that comes with being open to learning and receiving feedback. Marvie also shares how the Qualfon mission has guided her when making tough leadership decisions and explains how we should continue to bring the mission alive with our passion and our excellence.

Qualfon in Guyana: Upward Mobility in the BPO Industry with Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance – The Honourable Dr. Ashni Singh

Episode 44 | April 8, 2022

Two firsts on this week’s episode – a guest co-host and a guest outside of Qualfon. Marisol is joined by our Country Director, Luanna Persaud, as cohost. They speak to Guyana’s Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni K. Singh as he discusses why Guyana has become an attractive destination to invest in business outsourcing. Not only does he touch on the country’s political stability and rapid economic growth, but also on the investment it’s made in its citizens. He also shares his gratitude for Qualfon’s success and for the major role we play in the country’s BPO sector.

Bringing High Energy in Achieving Goals with Sean Hennagir, Site Director

Episode 43| March 25, 2022

Joining Jeremy and Marisol for this episode is Site Director, Sean Hennagir. Sean revisits the start of his BPO career, working the phones as an agent, before rising in the ranks as Operations Manager and later as Site Director. He thrives in the fast-paced culture of the industry and uses his infectious energy to continually motivate his staff and guide them as they grow on their journey within the organization.

Succeeding in the Marketing Services Marketplace with Robert Mason, Managing Director

Episode 42 | March 11, 2022

On this episode, Managing Director for Marketing Services, Robert Mason, joins the Mission Qualfon Podcast with Jeremy and Marisol. Robert discusses the services we provide for our direct marketing, fulfillment, and print clients. He also shared his amazement with our mission in terms of providing the time and resources needed to help employees and their families when going through challenging times.

The Benefits Journey with Renea Malara, Director of Benefits

Episode 41| February 25, 2022

Mission Qualfon Podcast kicks off its third season with Renea Malara, our Director of Benefits, joining Jeremy and Marisol. Renea, a two-time recipient of the Qualfon Shining Star Award, recalls the unique circumstances surrounding her job application and how they led her to Qualfon. She also discusses her journey from her initial role as a Benefits Assistant to the Director of Benefits she is today.

Caring for Your Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being with Brian Dedera, Mission Office Care Coach

Episode 40 | December 3, 2021

We conclude our second season with Brian Dedera, one of our Care Coaches from the Mission Office. He explains the origins of the Mission Office chaplaincy and how it eventually became the Care Coach program. He discusses what a day in the life of a Care Coach looks like while acknowledging how he loves and enjoys helping Qualfon employees in need of emotional and spiritual support.

Professionally Embracing Spirituality with hosts Marisol Sanchez and Jeremy Lunnen

Episode 39 | November 9, 2021

As the second season is nearing the end, hosts Marisol and Jeremy sit down for their first one-on-one conversation about the paths that led them to their total vocation at Qualfon. Both having seen a lot in their professional backgrounds, Jeremy and Marisol explain how two skeptics came to understand and believe in the sincerity behind the mission; so much so they decided to create a podcast about it.

Building A Dream Career with Maria Bruno, Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition

Episode 38 | October 22. 2021

Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Maria Bruno joins Jeremy and Marisol on this week’s podcast. Maria sketches out the beginning of her recruiting career and how she landed in the BPO space at Qualfon. Maria dives into the difference between offering people a job and offering them a life-changing career path at Qualfon. Furthermore, she discusses how Qualfon has created a channel for generational opportunity that even her own son benefitted from.

The Importance of Mentorship with Doug Wells, Chief Operating Officer – CES

Episode 37 | October 8, 2021

This week, Doug Wells joins Jeremy and Marisol on the Mission Qualfon Podcast. Doug shares the wisdom he’s gained after being in the BPO industry for the last 26 years. Doug keys in on the importance of mentorship, how his mentors enhanced his career, and how he actively attempts to match that experience in his role today.

An Unpredictable Industry with Alisha McNary, VP of Business Development

Episode 36 | September 24. 2021

Our VP of Business Development, Alisha McNary joins Jeremy and Marisol for a conversation surrounding the lifestyle of being in sales. She explains why being faced with timely demands has taught her how to become more flexible and resilient in her everyday life. Even after 30 years of being in the sales industry, Alisha specifies why Qualfon always stands out both professionally and personally.

Open Comments with Mike Marrow, Qualfon CEO

Episode 35 | September 13, 2021

On this episode, Jeremy and Marisol welcome back Qualfon CEO Mike Marrow to discuss one of Qualfon’s many differentiators for measuring the mission’s impact. Mike tells the story behind the creation of his anonymous, biweekly “You Matter with Mike” survey and why he fundamentally believes in having open communication between employees and supervisors. Mike unpacks his passion for analyzing employee feedback and explains how it helps Qualfon gain insight into tricky blind spots.

Coming of Age with the Mission with Juan Pablo Gonzalez, Manager, POET (Process Optimization Engineering Team

Episode 34 | August 27. 2021

One of our POET (Process Optimization Engineering Team) managers, Juan Pablo (JP) Gonzalez joins Jeremy and Marisol for a conversation surrounding his family’s creation of Qualfon. As the son of Qualfon Chairman and Founder, Alfonso Gonzalez, JP has grown up with insight into the soul of the mission. He shares the memories he has of watching the mission evolve and how he found his own path to Qualfon after pursing a degree in physics.

Embodying Total Vocation through Learn@Work Education with Matt Carleton Leadership Academy Senior Manager

Episode 33 | August 13, 2021

On this episode, Jeremy and Marisol are joined by Qualfon’s Advance Leadership Academy Senior Manager, Matt Carleton. Matt discusses Qualfon’s efforts in helping shape the future of employees that will one day lead the company. Matt shares his many backgrounds including the army, the automobile industry and even selling insurance. His faith gave him the courage to strive for having a larger impact and guided him in creating the leadership programs in place today. Matt believes in developing employees holistically by encouraging them to pursue their total vocation.

The Wonders of Working at Qualfon with Katie Anderson, Benefits Generalist

Episode 32 | July 30. 2021

After celebrating her 20th anniversary at Qualfon, our Benefits Generalist Katie Anderson joins Jeremy and Marisol for a conversation surrounding her origin story, the path she’s taken along the way and the impact she’s witnessed the mission have on everyone it touches. Throughout her career, Katie has had almost every role you could hold at Qualfon. She began as an agent on the phones and after years of living out different pieces of her total vocation, Katie found her place in the benefits department at Qualfon. She shares her experiences with Qualfon’s mission to be the best and make each person’s life better and explains why she believes in 360-degree approach.

Living Up to the Mission with Sincerity, Consistency and Good Relationships with Aimee Sibul, Mission Office Manager

Episode 31 | July 16, 2021

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Jeremy and Marisol talk to our Mission Manager in Cebu, Aimee Sibul, on her deep involvement in the Mission Office. Aimee details her passion in contributing to the development and evolution of the Qualfon Mission through the years, and why she feels she truly belongs to the organization, the people and its culture. Starting off as a fun coordinator, Aimee recalls how she took the challenge to think outside the proverbial box to be where she is right now – bringing her energy and passion to influencing Qualfon’s Mission Leaders in staying true to our company ideals. Aimee proceeds to highlight how Qualfon employees’ sincerity, consistency and good relationships are the drivers that make the Mission work as it should.

The Qualfon Differentiator: Applying our Mission to Every Interaction with our Employees, Clients and their Customers with Doug Kearney, President and Chief Operating Officer

Episode 30 | July 2. 2021

Qualfon’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Doug Kearney sits down with Jeremy and Marisol for this week’s Mission Qualfon episode. Although his path began in finance, he tells the story of how he made his way into the BPO industry and dives into what it’s like to run a mission-driven company. Doug discusses how our mission to “be the best and make each person’s life better” is not just directed to our employees, but our clients and their customers. Doug also shares insight into the challenges he has to overcome in the business world on a day-to-day basis.

The Uniqueness of Our Philosophy and Culture with Tracy Beck, Vice President of Operations

Episode 29 | June 18, 2021

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Vice President of Operations, Tracy Beck, joins Marisol and Jeremy for an open conversation about the changes she’s noticed take place within the BPO industry. Tracy reminisces about the road that led to her becoming a VP of Operations at Qualfon. During her first seasonal position as an agent supervisor for a retail catalog, she recalls being quickly captivated by the dynamic between supervisors, managers, and the workforce team. Tracy takes a profound look at where the industry was when she started and reflects on how far it’s come since then. She keys in on the shift that’s taken place within the BPO culture and how it’s helped evolve her leadership style today.

Being a Positive Force While Seeking Your Total Vocation with Jason Skurupey, Mission Office Operations Director

Episode 28 | June 4. 2021

On this fun-filled episode of Mission Qualfon, Jeremy and Marisol chat with Jason Skurupey about his start with Qualfon when he was 18 years old. Jason’s 14-years of contact center Operations experience lead him to shift to the Mission Office where he currently serves as Missions Operations Director. He talks about the concept of reaching one’s total vocation, the challenges of personally spreading the Mission amidst the pandemic, and the fulfillment he receives in living the Qualfon mission. Listen to him also discuss what it’s like working with our Chief Mission Officer, Roberto Sanchez Mejorada.

Moving Fast at Qualfon with Summer Dennis, Managing Director

Episode 27 | May 21, 2021

Season two of the Mission Qualfon podcast continues with Marisol and Jeremy having an insightful conversation with Managing Director, Summer Dennis. Summer discusses the beginning of her career in the BPO business and, like many of us, she had no idea what BPO meant when going into her interview. She further explains how her extensive, 10-year experience in the BPO field led to her starting at Qualfon in November of 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Because of her current role at Qualfon, she doubles down on her passion for training and why she believes it’s vital to give people the proper foundation to achieve success.

It’s the Small Things with Alvaro Perezalonso, Sr. Manager of Process Optimization

Episode 26 | May 7. 2021

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Alvaro Perezalonso joins Jeremy and Marisol for an honest conversation about the impact Qualfon has had on his life. From meeting his future wife in training to reconnecting with the team when he was diagnosed with cancer, it’s safe to say Alvaro and Qualfon share a beautiful story together. He reminisces about growing up with two artists as parents and how it helped develop his passions for Muay Thai and Six Sigma. Little did he know becoming a man of many talents would lead to him overseeing the Continuous Improvement team today. He further discusses his life experiences, the importance of being supported, and why he values the relationships at Qualfon.

Protecting the Secrets of the Origins of Life with Dr. Hector Arocha, Director of Genesis 4C

Episode 25 | April 23, 2021

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, we celebrate Earth Week with a very special guest, Dr. Hector Arocha, the Director of Genesis. Dr. Hector Arocha joins Marisol and Jeremy to discuss the efforts Qualfon has put forth to help preserve and bring awareness to one of the most important wetlands in the world, Cuatro Ciénegas. Dr. Arocha discusses the mystery that is Cuatro Cienegas and why it been declared a natural protected area since 1994. With over 200 ponds containing more than 77 endemic species and millions of microorganisms, it makes sense why scientists from all over the world, and even members of NASA, have made the trip to investigate one of the hottest biodiversity spots in the world.

Forging a Path for Us to Blossom with Elizabeth Mayes, Senior Vice President of Global Person Office

Episode 24 | April 9. 2021

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, we jump into the Person Office, what we call human resources at Qualfon, universe. Elizabeth Mayes joins Jeremy and Marisol for a riveting conversation surrounding her childhood and the several career paths that lead her to find her sweet spot at Qualfon. She explains how her love for literature left a profound mark on her path to human resources. From living an exquisite life in New York City and working at the MOMA, to traveling the world and even creating her own startup, Elizabeth has just about done it all. Listen to how she landed in the BPO business and the lessons she learned about excellence along the way.

Retiring from the Job, Not the Mission with Doug Gilmour, Director of Global Compensation

Episode 23 | March 26, 2021

Mission Qualfon tackles a bittersweet goodbye with our Director of Global Compensation, Doug Gilmour. On his final day at Qualfon, Doug reminisces about the start of his career and how the journey in hospitality eventually led to him retiring from the world of compensation. He explains the difference between fairness and equity and the importance of practicing dignity and respect with every employee. He dives into his most touching moments at Qualfon with Alfonso Gonzalez, Mike Marrow, Mike Jossi, and Roberto Sanchez Mejorada.

Winning & Losing Spectacularly with a Focus on the Spectacular with Dave Drayton, Chief Sales and Solutions Officer

Episode 22 | March 12. 2021

Season two of Mission Qualfon continues with our Chief Sales and Solutions Officer Dave Drayton. Dave has an honest conversation with Jeremy and Marisol about the seminal moments in his life that activated his passion for sales. He discusses navigating the highs and lows of selling educational books in college, the fulfillment he felt when dedicating himself to missionary work and how it all lead to finding a healthy sales culture within Qualfon. He further discusses the misconception of salespeople being manipulators and how that stereotype doesn’t align with the beliefs of a mission-driven organization, committed to making each person’s life better.

Immersing Ourselves in our Mission with Brandon Ammons, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

Episode 21 | February 26, 2021

Marisol and Jeremy kick off season two of Mission Qualfon with the Vice President of Talent Acquisitions, Brandon Ammons. Brandon speaks on the importance of embodying Qualfon’s mission while also moving quickly and efficiently throughout the recruiting process of N2n. He shares the story of how he got to Qualfon, how his team marched forward during the pandemic and why he believes everything happens for a reason.

Creating a Positive Ripple Effect Across a Company with Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer

Episode 20 | February 5, 2021

The first season of Mission Qualfon comes to an end with a bonus episode featuring a powerful conversation with Chief Mission Officer, Roberto Sanchez Mejorada. He discusses what 2020 meant to Qualfon and reflects on the lessons learned, along with the timing of it all. He stresses the importance for mission leaders to remain realistic in 2021, but to remember that the strategic plan for 2021-2025 is a very bright light that’s calling upon us to perform.

Divine Timing with Abel Cruz, Managing Director

Episode 19 | December 23, 2020

On the season finale of the Mission Qualfon Podcast, we meet one of Qualfon’s tenured employees, Abel Cruz. Listen in as Abel shares with Marisol and Jeremy the divine timing he has experienced in his career thus far. They also discuss one of Qualfon’s greatest differentiators – the consecration of the company by our chairman, Alfonso Gonzalez.

The Key to Successful Acquisitions with Trevor Allen, Chief Mergers & Acquisitions

Episode 18 | December 4, 2020

On this episode, we have the pleasure of talking to Qualfon’s Chief Mergers & Acquisitions Officer, Trevor Allen. Hear Trevor discuss how his family fled his war-torn homeland of Lebanon to the US and how he eventually become an influential executive in the BPO industry. Learn from him how Qualfon carefully selects merger and acquisition prospects and how essential cultural alignment is in the process. Also, get insights on what Trevor believes is an ideal mentor/mentee relationship.

Measuring Success with Michael Osorio, Director of Business Intelligence & Reporting

Episode 17 | November 20, 2020

On this episode, we talk to Michael Osorio, Director of Business Intelligence & Reporting at Qualfon. He shares about his journey in and out of the BPO space. We dive into discussions about the burn and churn mentality found in our industry and how we do things differently at Qualfon.

Finding a Home through Acquisitions with Eric Rothert, VP of Operations

Episode 16 | November 6, 2020

On this episode, we talk to Eric Rothert, VP of Operations, about his career journey and becoming a part of the Qualfon family. As someone who has been through multiple acquisitions, hear how his experience with the Qualfon/Dialog Direct transition was different than the rest. Acquisitions are a staple of our industry and this episode highlights how Qualfon does it differently.

The Focus on the Person with Mike Jossi, Chief Person Officer

Episode 15 | October 21, 2020

On this episode, we talk to Qualfon’s Chief Person Officer, Mike Jossi. Listen in as we discuss the meaning of his title, why Qualfon has both a Mission department and a Person Office and how they co-exist in a spirituality aligned company. You will learn these answers and more about our mission and what makes us the best company to work for.

An Introduction to Guyana with Luanna Persaud, Country Director, and Sherwin Welcome and Rawle Toney, Operations Directors

Episode 14 | October 9, 2020

This week we have three special guests who introduce us to their home country, Guyana. Listen as Luanna Persaud, Country Director, and Operations Directors, Sherwin Welcome, and Rawle Toney share the history of Qualfon in Guyana and what makes this location an attractive business opportunity for our customers and their clients.

From Agent to VP of Operations – Climbing the BPO Ladder, with Angel Posada

Episode 13 | September 25, 2020

A common theme of working in the BPO industry is that rarely anyone starts out thinking it will be a lifelong career. On this episode of the podcast, join us in reliving Qualfon’s VP of Operations and Client Relations, Angel Posada, rise from a call center agent to an international executive.

Marisol, Jeremy and Angel discuss climbing the corporate ladder and important roles within the BPO industry.

Pursuing Your Total Vocation, with Jennifer Di Tirro, VP of Business Development

Episode 12 | September 11, 2020

Have you found your perfect job or total vocation? Listen to our very own Jennifer Di Tirro, VP of Business Development, discuss her extraordinary story that brought her to Qualfon and how she feels she is living her total vocation.

We detail her journey from adolescence to present-day successful business executive and how her experiences have helped cultivate her character, resiliency and her career. For anyone who fell into a career in the BPO/call center industry, this episode is a must listen. A truly inspiring conversation.

Process Improvement: Continuously Improving to Be the Best with Al Barrenechea, Director of Qualfon University

Episode 11 | August 28, 2020

Does your organization have a six-sigma initiative that is pulling you away from getting your job done?  Learn how Qualfon integrates six-sigma practices into our leadership toolbox to save time versus take up time. Qualfon University has dedicated an entire team to building programs for continuous improvement benefiting both our employees and clients. Hear from Al Barrenechea, Director of Qualfon University, as he walks listeners through the various programs available to Qualfon employees, including Supervisor Training, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Programs, STRIDES Values Training and more. Discover how his team paves the way for leadership development creating a solid foundation for leaders to become better mission leaders and mentors.

Answering the Call: A Company with a Heart with Maricarmen Gonzalez, Board Member and spouse of Alfonso Gonzalez, Founder and Chairman of Qualfon

Episode 10 | August 14, 2020

What does it mean to be a company with a heart? Qualfon is driven by the principles of our mission to Be The Best and Make Each Person’s Life Better. On this special episode of Mission Qualfon, you will meet Maricarmen Gonzalez, Board Member and spouse of Alfonso Gonzalez, our Founder and Chairman. Hear how her family answered the call to work each day in pursuit of Qualfon’s mission to improve the life of every one of our employees, their families and the communities where we work. Find out how the Gonzalez children became part of the Qualfon team to ensure our mission carries on for generations to come.

Project Management; Conducting an Orchestra with Tracy Flanigan, Project Manager

Episode 9 | July 31, 2020

Ever wonder what qualities or traits it takes to become a successful project manager? Being a project manager is like being a conductor; you are coordinating an orchestra made up of many different instruments working together to get to the end goal. On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Tracy Flanigan, Project Manager at Qualfon, discusses the importance of teamwork, internal collaboration and a mentor/mentee program in a project management role. Hear about her recent projects, including a playbook for COVID-19 Safety at Work and Work-at-Home (WAH) agents, both vital to the success of the organization moving forward. Come learn the ins and outs of project management and the skills it takes to get a standing ovation at the end of your performance (project). 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 101, with Mike Marrow, Chief Executive Officer

Episode 8 | July 17, 2020

Are you familiar with Qualfon? Do you know what the term BPO means? If you answered no to either question, this is the podcast for you. Hear from Mike Marrow, Chief Executive Officer, as he gives listeners a masterclass on the evolution of the BPO industry, including the history of Qualfon. Hear from three BPO veterans as they dive into the ins and outs of the industry as it relates to people, process and technology.

Home is where the heart is, with Jan Aquino, VP of Operations

Episode 7 | July 3, 2020

The Philippines is one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world, but what makes Qualfon unique in such a competitive marketplace? Hear from Jan Aquino, VP of Operations, as he speaks about his 17-year journey in the BPO space and finally finding his home at Qualfon. Born and raised in Dumaguete, Jan shares why the city is known for its rich talent pool and cross-cultural alignment. Also hear how he was recently impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, in both his personal and professional life, while being quarantined in Manilla for more than 100 days. After working at seven different BPOs throughout his career, hear Jan’s insights into what makes Qualfon unique.

Stronger Together with Cultural Alignment, Kristi Walsh, VP of Client Relations

Episode 6 | June 19, 2020

There is a lot to consider when exploring a new outsource provider, but how important is cultural alignment when selecting a new BPO? Hear from Kristi Walsh, VP of Client Relations at Qualfon, as she speaks to the importance of cultural alignment within an organization and how it ties back to employee engagement and client satisfaction. Qualfon’s culture and mission programs are critical to driving performance for our clients because well-trained and engaged agents provide better performance. Learn how we strive to be the best for our clients and make each person’s life better.

How to Be the Best and Make Each Person’s Life Better, with Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer

Episode 5 | June 4, 2020

Most companies, including BPOs, have a mission statement that demonstrates their core values, but do they have a dedicated Mission Office, including a Chief Mission Officer? Qualfon does! On this episode of Mission Qualfon, Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer of Qualfon, describes his commitment and dedication to the Qualfon mission to be the best and make each person’s life better. Learn how the five pillars of our mission program (Care@Work, Learn@Work, Fun@Work, Give@Work and Communication@Work) ensure we help as many people as possible pursue their total vocation.


Stairway to the Best Version of Yourself, with Lyman Baete, Manager of Higher Education

Episode 4 | May 21, 2020

Does your enterprise employer own an accredited University or offer education and skills-development opportunities to both you AND your families? Qualfon does! On this episode of Mission Qualfon, you will learn about education opportunities available through Qualfon’s Learn@Work program, promoting continuous improvement, skills development and higher education. Lyman Baete, Manager of Higher Education at Qualfon, shares some of the programs developed for our employees, including our 52-step career pathing program, 1,100+ skills-development courses offered through LinkedIn Learning and the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree through our accredited Rochat University. Hear how these programs are encouraging each employee to become the best version of themselves.

Learn@Work, with Kim Carr, Process Optimization Engineering Team

Episode 3 | May 7, 2020

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, you will hear from one of our most tenured and loyal employees, Kim Carr. Hear about Kim’s 16-year journey with Qualfon, as she successfully advanced from an agent to a dedicated Director of Client Relations for one of our most strategic accounts and largest online e-retailer. Today, Kim provides leadership for process engineering across multiple clients. Learn how Qualfon’s education, training and continuous improvement programs help ensure each person has a chance to pursue their total vocation, in life and at work.

The New Kid on the Block, with Ian Jones, SVP of Integrated Solutions

Episode 2 | April 23, 2020

On this episode of Mission Qualfon, you will hear from Qualfon’s SVP of Integrated Solutions, Ian Jones, speak about Qualfon’s Integrated Marketing Solutions line of business, including data analytics, digital communications, on-demand print and fulfillment services. Also, hear how Ian’s impression of the Mission has impacted him in his short time at Qualfon and how it differs from other large corporations he’s worked for in the past.

What Makes a Good Mentor and/or Mentee? Mike Marrow, CEO of Qualfon

Episode 1 | April 1, 2020

On the first episode of Mission Qualfon, you will hear from Qualfon’s CEO, Mike Marrow, speak about a topic that he’s very passionate about – mentorship. Find out what makes a good mentor hear from his very own mentee and learn what we’re doing as company to make each person’s life better.