Author: Doug Kearney

If you analyze the BPO business, it’s had a history of expansion across all kinds of organizations including for-profit, nonprofits and even government agencies. Executives have become increasingly strategic when choosing a provider to support their business objectives. Like every other industry, there are bigger players who may comprise about a quarter of it all, but the majority of the market out there is yet to be had. The million-dollar question is, “how do we grow in an industry that’s so highly fractured?”

Some may claim to have the best technology, most efficient places to work and a fantastic culture. Although those things are aspects of the business, the reality is they aren’t long-term differentiators. Throughout my time at Qualfon, I’ve observed what makes our organization sustainable in terms of our relationship with employees, clients and their customers. It’s our 360-degree approach to our mission and it’s a differentiator no one else seems to have.

Our focus is to interact with each employee, client and customer with a holistic perspective. We nurture a positive relationship cycle where every person we encounter experiences the mission of Qualfon: be the best and make each person’s life better. Not only does this include valuing each employee as an individual person, but also caring for the customer they deal with at a personal-level and understanding how that translates into protecting and honoring our clients.

  • Employees: It all starts in-house. Valuing and giving back to our employees is key to ensuring a strong foundation for operations. At Qualfon, we make sure to support our employees both in their professional and personal lives on an individual basis. Our mission states, “make each person’s life better.” This includes everyone we could impact, even our employees’ family members. The magic is not in caring for the team as a whole, but rather caring for each person on the team, individually and collectively. This profoundly impacts how they then care for our client’s customers.
  • Clients: By bringing together all our capabilities, we aid clients in acquiring new customers, generating revenue and promoting loyalty and retention campaigns. We handle everything from front-end customer acquisition to back-end service with a clear focus on each client’s wants, needs and expectations. One size does not fit all, even within our own client organizations. Developing a customized and personalized approach to each of our client’s individual needs is at the heart of our Mission.
  • Customers: Because we interact with our client’s customers every day, it’s our job to enhance that customer journey for our client’s brand by delivering a remarkable personal experience in Every. Single. Interaction. Cultivating personal, relevant and convenient transactions ensures we provide customers with meaningful experiences, at any point in the customer journey using any and all of our capabilities whether it be traditional call center, marketing, back-office, data analytics or digital services. Having the ability to provide any and all services along the customer journey on a discrete or fully integrated basis allows us to build a strong relationship between our client and their customer, delivering a remarkable brand experience.

Whether we are having a conversation with an employee in training, a client needing help or a one of the more than 200 million customers we serve on behalf of our clients, we approach everyone with the philosophy to be the best and make each person’s life better.



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Christina Ungaro Joins Qualfon as Chief Global Mergers & Acquisitions Officer

Qualfon, a global business services provider, is proud to welcome Christina Ungaro as its Chief Global Mergers & Acquisitions Officer.
Christina will continue to enhance and refine Qualfon’s programmatic approach to mergers and acquisitions, with a keen emphasis on cultivating enduring value for the company.